Post Format – Aside

The Aside Post Format in The Pine can be used to add small call out sections among your posts. There are three different types of Asides that can be created: A two column section that can be set up in a variety of ways including pulling in posts, an image, or a space for adding an ad. Each of these will be broken down in detail below.

Note: The Aside Post Format will not pull into the 3 featured post spots at the top of the blog index. It only pulls into the main loop of posts below the featured post area.

  1. From the post editor screen select Aside from the Format metabox.
  2. A new metabox title Post Format – Aside will display below the title.
  3. From the Select Aside Type dropdown select either Two Column / Posts, Image, or Ad. Each of these options is detailed below.

The Two Column / Posts Aside type gives you two columns to use. You can add an Aside Background Image if you would like to set a background image for the aside. Otherwise it will take on the Accent Color of your site. The left side can be either a Title (text area) or an Image. The right side can be a list of 4 PostsText, or an Image. Depending on which item you select for each side you will get a different set of fields that can be edited.

Left Side – Title – This will give you a text area that can be used to add in any copy you would like.

Left Side – Image – This will give you an image uploader allowing you to add any image you would like into the area.

Right Side – Posts – This will give you two fields: Right Side Post Type which allows you to select any publicly queryable post types within your site, and Right Side Post Category which let’s you select multiple categories to include in the query. If your post type does not use the WordPress Category taxonomy, leave this blank.

Right Side – Text –  This will give you a text area to input any copy you would like into the right hand column of the aside.

Right Side – Image – This will give you an image uploader allowing you to add any image you would like into the area.

Setting up an Aside Showing 4 Most Recent Posts From the Podcast Category

This is an example of a potential setup for the Aside post type. It will display the 4 most recent posts from the “Podcast” category within the “Posts” post type. This is just one example of a layout you could accomplish with the Two Column / Posts aside type.

  1. From the Select Aside Type dropdown select Two Column / Posts.
  2. Add in a background image for the full area by select Add Image under Aside Background Image, and select an image from your media library or upload a new one.
  3. From the Left Side dropdown select Title.
  4. In the Left Side – Title area enter your text, such as “Recent Posts”.
  5. From the Right Side dropdown select Posts.
  6. From the Right Side Post Type dropdown select the “Post”.
  7. From the Right Side Post Category check the box next to “Podcast”.
  8. That’s it. Publish your post and you’re good to go.

(Note: This post type is useful in combination with sticky posts to stick a list of the most recent posts form a certain category to the top of your blog homepage.)

The image aside type let’s you an image and a custom link for the image, which can open in the same or a new tab. The fields for this aside type are:

Aside Image – This is an image uploader that will let you upload any image or use an existing image from the site.

Aside Image Link – This is a link field that will require a full url including the http://.

Open New Tab – This checkbox will let you select whether to open the link in a new tab. If left unchecked the link will open in the same tab. If checked the link will open a new tab.

Setting up an Image Aside to Create a Custom Ad

This is an example of using the Image aside type to make a custom ad with an image and a link.

  1. From the Select Aside Type dropdown select Image.
  2. Select an image to use for our ad by clicking the Add Image button in the Aside Image field.
  3. In the Aside Image Link field enter the URL you would like our image ad to link to, such as
  4. Check the box to Open New Tab so when our image ad is clicked it opens a new tab.

The Ad aside type gives you a text area for inputting a script from an ad source such as Google Adsense. With this you only get 1 field.

Aside Ad – This text area can be used for pasting an ad script from a third party source.

Setting up an Ad Aside using a Google Ad Sense Script

This is an example of using the Aside Post Format to insert a Google Ad among the list of posts.

  1. From the Select Aside Type dropdown select Ad.
  2. Paste your Google Adsense script into the Aside Ad field.

This is a good idea if you don’t want your aside posts to be crawled by bots as their own posts. This will simply block Google from indexing these particular posts.

  1. Within the Post Editor scroll down to your Yoast SEO metabox.
  2. Select the Advanced tab.
  3. From the Meta Robots Index: dropdown select “noindex”.