Page – Flexible Content Page Template

The Pine makes use of Advanced Custom Fields’ Flexible Content field type to give you an easy to use and flexible way to create a variety of page layouts.

Sub Heading – if text is entered in this area it will appear under the title. If a featured image is set the page’s title and sub heading will show on top of the featured image.

Section ID – (optional) Add a section ID that can be used as an anchor link. Use all lower case. Don’t start with a number. Use – or _ instead of spaces.

Section Title – Insert a title for the section that will appear centered at the top of the section.

The Columned Section allows you to create rows with 1 to 6 columns. Within each column you have access to a WYSIWYG editor and a call out text and link field for creating custom call out buttons that stick to the bottom of the field.

Select Number of Columns – Select the number of columns you would like your row broken into. Can be 1 to 6.

To add a column select Add Column Content. For example, to create 3 columns you would click Add Column Content 3 times. This will give you 3 sets of the following fields.

Column Content – This is a WYSIWYG editor allowing you to insert any content you would like into the column.

Callout Button Text – This gives you a text input for entering text for your callout button.

Callout Button Link – This gives you a link input for entering any link you would like the callout button to point to.

The Image Section lets you select an image to display in the site.

Section Image – This gives you a image uploader to access and insert an image from the media uploader.

The Background Image with Text Overlay section allows you to add an image with a text overlay on top of it.

Background Image – This gives you a image uploader to access and insert an image from the media uploader.

Copy Position – This dropdown lets you select where to position the text over the image. Centered, Left aligned over the left half of the image, or right aligned over the right half of the image.

Adjust Image – This dropdown gives you 3 options: None, Darken, or Lighten. None leaves the image as it was uploaded. Darken will create a darker layer over the image so text will show up better. Lighten will make the image appear lighter.

Image Copy – Image copy gives you a WYSIWYG editor to allow you to enter any content you would like over top of the image.

Recent posts lets you easily pull in the most recent posts in rows of 2 columns. You can select how many posts to display in increments of 2. Using multiple recent post sections on the same page will keep track of where the previous recent posts section left off and continue from there.

Number of Posts – Set the number of posts to display in increments of 2.

Featured posts allows you to select posts to feature in rows of 2. It is best to stick to using increments of 2 so the rows are even.

Featured Posts – The relationship field lets you select specific posts to display in the featured posts section.