Image Sizes

The Pine comes retina ready for images used for featured images. This is done by cropping your images down to various sizes. The following sizes are available in The Pine as well as the default sizes created by WordPress:

add_image_size(‘featured-post’, 752, 0, false);
add_image_size(‘featured-retina’, 1504, 0, false);
add_image_size(‘desktop-full’, 1140, 0, false);
add_image_size(‘desktop-retina’, 2280, 0, false);
add_image_size(‘hero-aside-post’, 480, 0, false);
add_image_size(‘mobile-retina’, 960, 0, false);
add_image_size(‘thumb-retina’, 300, 300, true);

In order to get the best quality it is recommended to upload images 2280px wide. This will be used on desktop retina screens only. Since that is a bit large, 1140px wide can be used. It just may not has as high of quality on retina laptop displays. 1140px is big enough to crop to the proper retina size for all devices aside from laptop displays.

Note: Really you can use any image size for your featured image and it will stretch to proportionally fit the appropriate areas width. But it is best to use images at least 1140px wide so the image does not have to grow and lose quality.