Featured Images

Featured images can be used in a variety of sizes. The max width of the site is 1140px wide so the widest a featured image will be is 1140px wide, but for retina displays that show twice the pixels it is recommended to use an image 2280px (double 1140px) wide. This will result in the best resolution across all displays. The Pine makes use of pictureFill.js and enquire.js to load different images for different displays as necessary to give users the best experience no matter the device.

  1. From the post editor screen scroll down until you see the Featured Image metabox on the right hand side.
  2. Select Set Featured Image.
  3. Select an image to use or upload a new image through the WordPress media uploader.
  4. That’s it. The Pine will crop the image to the proper sizesNote: The Pine can only crop an image to a size if the original image is bigger than the cropped dimensions.