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    Your stop for help setting up and getting to know your WP Night theme.
  • The Pine

    The Pine is an easy to use and set up theme for WordPress. It's a great theme for podcasting, blogging, and more.
  • Getting Started

    Get started with your new theme. Everything from installing the theme to building flexible pages and using the variety of post formats.
  • Customizing

    Tips on using all of the features The Pine has to offer to make your site you.
  • Post Formats

    Guides to using all of the post formats included within The Pine to get the most out of your site.
  • Media

    Documentation on how The Pine makes use of various thumbnail sizes to do the heavy lifting of image cropping and retina displaying for you.
  • Pages

    How to create pages using the default page template as well as the fully customizable flexible content page template.
  • Plugins

    Tips on using plugins with The Pine.
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    Explanations of widgets included within The Pine.
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    Create and make use of the various menu locations available in the theme.
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    General tips and tricks for using WordPress.